Wellbeing in the workplace

We all know that sitting at your desk all day is not helpful. The body is designed to move regularly. Regular breaks during the day are the most important thing that a company can do to ensure their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

During the pandemic Mara delivered yoga lessons over zoom as well as convenient 30-minute practices which consisted of a combination of desk stretching, breathing and mindfulness.

The sessions were well received by the employees and proved very beneficial in helping decrease levels of stress. Each session came with a 7-day replay to encourage the staff to repeat the practice in their own time.

Here’s a complimentary desk stretching YouTube video. Enjoy it!


  • £40 for a 30-minute desk stretching session delivered on zoom (it incudes a 7-day replay)
  • £60 for a 60-minute yoga class delivered on zoom (it includes a 7-day replay)

Wellbeing Day

If you are planning a ‘Wellbeing day’ for your employees, why not offer a 30-minute desk stretching session which is fully accessible to everyone, including people with reduced mobility? or is a yoga class going to be better received?

National Stress Awareness Day falls on Wednesday 01st November. Why not gift your employee with a wellbeing session to mark the day? Email Mara to arrange.

The IGNITE & IGNITE+ Wellness Programme

Mara collaborated with Laurence Nicholson, global-award winning Corporate Mental Health Educator from BurnoutHacker to launch the IGNITE & IGNITE+ Wellness Programme.

The IGNITE Programme is a unique, truly holistic approach to combatting stress in the workplace, and is designed for small to medium sized companies. IGNITE consists of a tailored combination of desk stretching, breathing and mindfulness which helps keep stress at bay.

Although IGNITE can be taken on its own, we strongly recommend that it is taken in conjunction with IGNITE+, which is an educational programme on how your brain works, and how to structure your activities to keep it fresh and operating at peak performance.

To find out more please contact us.