I’ve been a student of Mara’s for nearly 10 years, starting as a complete yoga novice and I couldn’t have had a better teacher.

As well as having an impressive level of expertise and experience, Mara’s teaching style is always patient, encouraging, clear and very thorough.

Her classes have had a huge impact on my physical health and overall wellbeing, and I feel confident that I’ve learnt best practice in yoga thanks to Mara.

She’s also extremely friendly, warm and good fun!


Mara has been providing regular yoga sessions for us and, in recent months, we have also received breathing and mindfulness sessions.

These sessions have helped our staff to take a moment of uninterrupted focus, benefitting their physical and mental wellbeing.

Mara has a calm, soothing manner and makes everyone feel comfortable.

We found her classes particularly helpful during lockdown when all our staff worked from home, however we are very pleased to be continuing these sessions as we have found them beneficial.

(Harriet, JCA)

Our team really enjoy Mara’s yoga classes as a way to unwind, focus and look after both physical and mental health.

The classes work well over zoom and Mara is very patient and adaptable to the needs of each individual.


(Sophie, MLA)

Just a quick note to say that I’ve really enjoyed the recording of last Tuesday night’s session.

The quality of the recording is excellent and I was able to use it twice, during a very busy week. Thanks, Mara!




Small group yoga classes (max 4 students) held at The Haven, a home yoga studio in North London


Two weekly online yoga classes which come with a 7-day replay. Practise from the comfort of your own home


Wellbeing classes for small businesses, consisting of a combination of desk stretching, breathing & mindfulness

Full Timetable (in-person & online)

All classes are 60 mins unless stated otherwise

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10am The Haven (all) 08.00am ONLINE (all) (45mins) Masterclass
12.30 The Haven (all) 12.30 The Haven (all) 10am The Haven (interm) (75mins)
6.15pm ONLINE (interm) 6pm The Haven (all)
7.30 The Haven (interm) 7.30 The Haven (beg) 7.30pm The Haven (all) 7.30pm The Haven (interm)

Full Timetable (in-person & online)

All classes are 60 mins unless stated otherwise


10am The Haven (all)

12.30 The Haven (all)

6.15pm ONLINE (interm)

7.30 The Haven (interm)


7.30 The Haven (beg)


12.30 The Haven (all)

7.30pm The Haven (all)


6pm The Haven (all)

7.30pm The Haven (interm)


08.00am ONLINE (all) (45mins)

10am The Haven (interm) (75mins)